Backwoods Players

Backwoods Players came into existence in 2000 as a natural offspring of the Pickering Museum Village's annual production of "A Spirit Walk". This award-winning play tells the story of Pickering's early settlers and their involvement in the ill-fated Rebellion of 1837. Backwoods and "A Spirit Walk" have been the proud recipients of the 2001 City of Pickering Civic Award for Culture and the Arts, and the Durham Arts Council "Acorn" Award. Today Backwoods has over 150 members of all ages, and stages a variety of productions, ranging from murder mystery dinner theatre to improv comedy / romance set in 1875 and the high drama of "A Spirit Walk". Backwoods specializes in period theatre and is proud to feature original materials, often with a basis in local history. Most productions are staged on site at the Pickering Museum Village, either outdoors or in 19th century buildings.